Shaggy - Boombastic

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Текст песни Shaggy - Boombastic
What you want is some Boombastic, romantic, fantastic lover
Mr. Lover lover, mm
Mr. Lover lover, hehe girl
Mr. Lover lover, mm
Mr. Lover lover
She call me Mr. Boombastic, tell me fantastic
Touch me inna me back, she say I'm Mr. Ro-mantic
Call me fantastic
Touch me inna me back she say I'm Mr. Ro
Smooth, just like a silk

Soft and cuddly, hug me up like a quilt
I'm a lyrical lover, no take me fi no filth
With my sexual physique, yah know me well built
Oh me, oh my, well, well, can't you tell
I'm just like a turtle crawling out of my shell
Gal, you captivate my body, put me under a spell
With your Khus Khus perfume I love your sweet smell
You're the only young girl who can ring my bell
And I can take rejection, so you tell me go to hell